Internal users (All those registered with IIT Palakkad)

1. Go to the Facilities Page and choose the appropriate facility that you want to use.
2. Click on the equipment that you want to use.
3. Book the slot if the link is available. Download the sample submission form. Fill up the form and take the signature of the faculty advisor and send by email to The subject of the email should mention the name of the equipment that you want to use.
4. If the link to book the slot is not available, you can directly send the sample submission form along with the faculty advisor’s signature by email to
5. Once your service request gets approved by the staff of the facility, you can visit the facility with your sample as per received directions.

Important note:
Check the current status of the equipment before making the request.
Fill up all the details of the sample to get quick confirmation.

Make a request – Get confirmation – Use the facility

Approved CIF-CMFF Rates for Analysis _ Internal Users _Updated 14 June 2022

External Users:
External users outside of IIT Palakkad can avail the research facilities listed under CIF-CMFF by writing to The details of the facilities may also be found in the I-STEM portal developed by the Government of India.

Approved CIF-CMFF Rates for Analysis _ External Users _Updated 14 June 2022