Thermal Evaporator

Model: HPVT-ABT 305


The instrument can Analyse the mixture of CO2, CO, C1 to C6 hydrocarbons.

The operating range of the Column Oven is from near ambient to 450 degrees Celsius with a ramp rate of 120 degrees Celsius.

FID detector with minimum detectable limit < 1.4pg/ C/s for tridecane or any equivalent compound

Thermal Conductivity Detector with a minimum detectable level of 400 pg./mL for tridecane or any equivalent compound.


Equipment Capabilities: 

Available materials are aluminium, chromium, and gold.

The maximum vacuum level to achieve is 1.4 x 10^-6 mBar

The substrate heater temperature starts from room temperature to 150 ℃

Status of the Instrument: Active

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