Fully Automated dynamic flow analysers with pulse chemisorption and temperature programming Capabilities. Suitable for catalyst and reactive surface characterization.

Model: Chemstar TPx
Brand: Quantachrome Instruments



Equipment Measurements & Capabilities:


1  A fully Automated dynamic flow Adsorption/desorption analyzer capable of performing pulse chemisorption and temperature programmed desorption studies of reactive gases and vapors on solids
2 Capable of studying from ambient to  1100 °C
3 Temp ramp rate from 10 °C / Min. to 30 °C/min.
4 Capable doing Following Studies : Temperature  Programmed Desorption(TPD), Temperature Programmed Oxidation (TPO), Temperature Programmed Reduction (TPR)


Current Status of the Instrument : Active
Location of the Instrument : Room No: 25 , Ground Floor, Temporary Campus , IIT Palakkad

Regular measurements:

1.Temperature  Programmed Desorption(TPD),

2. Temperature Programmed Oxidation (TPO),

3. Temperature Programmed Reduction (TPR)


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