HPLC is used to separate and refine high-purity target compounds from a mixed solution after a synthesis reaction or from natural extracts.It is used to fraction high-purity (and in some cases large quantities of) compounds required for subsequent evaluation, analysis, and processes in the shortest possible time.



Model: Nexera X2

Brand: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Equipment Measurements & Capabilities:


1 Equipped with Auto sampler capable of injecting  from 0.1 to 100 microliters of  Sample in an automated manner with utmost accuracy
2 Near Zero sample Carry over to avoid cross contamination
3 Fastest scan speed (30,000 u/s) and polarity switching time (5 ms)


Current Status of the Instrument : Active

Location of the Instrument : Room No: 25 , Ground Floor, Temporary Campus , IIT Palakkad


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