Liquid chromatography / Mass Spectroscopy (LC / MS) is a technique which combines high performance liquid chromatography HPLC, a powerful analytical separation technique with mass spectroscopy, a powerful analysis & detection technique. There are two common atmospheric pressure ionization (API) LC/MS process: Electrospray Ionization (ESI) & Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI). Both are soft ionization technique.  API processes are also compatible with most mobile phase solvents (volatile) & volatile buffers.         

  LC separations is detected by PDA & Mass spectrometer as different detectors.


Model: LCMS 8045

Brand: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Equipment Measurements & Capabilities:


1 LC is combined with Photo Diode Array detector (PDA). It has three-dimensional projection over entire UV-VIS range. It is non-destructive detector so it can be put in series like LC-PDA Mass Spectrometer.
2 Ion Trap MS/MS  Function : The LC is connected to MS and can be analysed
3 Fastest scan speed (30,000 u/s) and polarity switching time (5 ms).
4 High-speed acquisition benefits the laboratory by reducing run times for increased throughput, and also shortens method development time.


Current Status of the Instrument : : Active

Location of the Instrument : Room No: 25 , Ground Floor, Temporary Campus , IIT Palakkad

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