NMR Spectrometer is one of the most powerful tools for elucidating structure of a chemical compound. The benchtop NMR spectrometer can be tuned to acquire spectra for two conventional spin active nuclei.  This enhances the utility for characterizing a broad range of natural and synthetic products.



Model: NMReady 60 Pro

Brand: Nanalysis Corporation

1 Operating with a permanent cryogen free Magnet of field strength of 60 MHz ,  1.4 T.
2  Available with automated flow cell accessory .
3 Operating temperature 18 to 26 degree Celsius


Status of the Instrument : Under Maintenance

Location of the Instrument : Room No: 25 , Ground Floor, Temporary Campus , IIT Palakkad

Regular Measurements: Proton NMR , C 13 NMR

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