The manual RF probe station can mate with any vector network analyser (VNA); and allows seamless calibration and integration with standard characterisation instruments, for a wide range of device and circuits measurement test setups.

Model: Probe Station Model EPS150RF-EDU

Brand: Cascade Microtech

Equipment Measurements & Analysis

1 I-V, C-V, C-f, C-t measurements with range DC to 10 MHz

RF measurements for Noise, leakage, stray capacitance etc.



Modules Available:

High-Resolution microscope 20X & 30X resolution
Wafer chuck wafer with diameter up to 150 mm
RF Manipulators 4 Nos
 DC Manipulators 4 Nos


Status of the Instrument : Active

Location of the Instrument : Nila  Campus , IIT Palakkad

Regular measurements:

1. With One Probe

2. With Two Probe

3. With Three Probe

4. With Four Probe

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