Model : Gemini SEM 300

Brand : Carl Zeiss

Equipment Measurements & Capabilities:

1 To examine metallic/non-metallic specimens’ microstructure at 2000000 X magnification with the resolution of 0.8nm at 15 kV; 1.3 nm at 1 kV
2 EDS (EDAX-make) attachment to detect its chemical composition
3 EBSD (EDAX-make) attachment to analyse the texture (orientation) of microstructure of metallic components
4 Lithography - Raith Lithography system (ELPHY Multibeam 20 MHz ) with Zeiss Electrostatic beam blanker attachment for electronic micro device fabrication


Status of the Instrument : Active

Location of the Instrument : Nila  Campus , IIT Palakkad

Regular Measurements:

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