Provides the analysis of sample sizes typically in the 10 to 200-milligram range with the samples heated by a small furnace (~20 cc volume) capable of operating from 15 to 1600 degrees Celsius. The STA sensor is a double pan differential temperature sensor which is calibrated to generate data for heat flow to the sample with an accuracy of 5% or better. The weight sensor is located remotely below the furnace where it is isolated from sample decomposition products by inert purge through a narrow channel. This provides microgram - level weight change detectability of sample loss or oxidative gain.

Model:  Thermal Analyzer     STA 8000

             Mass Spectrophotometer    Clarus SQ 8 T              

Brand: Perkin Elmer Inc.

Equipment Measurements & Capabilities:

1 Simultaneous analysis of TG with DTA mode and DSC mode for fast enhanced result interpretation.
2 Vertical displacement balance sensor provides weight insensitivity to sample position, no spurious weight change from melting.
  • Equipped with Mass analyser through Hyphenated technology enables Measurement of gases evolved from samples being tested by a thermal analyser. The Specifications of MS
  • Ionisation Type : Electron Ionisation
  • Signal to Noise ratio : 800: 1
  • Turbomolecular pump capacity : 255L/sec



Current Status of the Instrument: Active

Location of the Instrument: Room No: 25, Ground Floor, Temporary Campus, IIT Palakkad


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